Friday, 6 February 2015

After thoughts on my blog 'thoughts on colour'

I feel obliged to add an apology for my rather glossy over view of race in my 'some thoughts on colour and other things' blog. I have learnt since writing that blog that on the internet there are some examples of black and mixed race people who have 'suffered' prejudice and inspite of being overly qualified and suitable for what ever post were not accepted.How hurtful and unjust.I feel ashamed that I gave such a philosophical unfeeling explanation for what I genuinely believed at the time.I can be accused of being an ostrich here burying my head in the sand.
     Let's look at it this way, there is a grain of truth in everything that is stated, so I am not entirely wrong in what I wrote, but neither are the people who have written of their difficulties which I trust and sincerely hope have resolved to some extent now.