Saturday 30 January 2010


What about Blair?,
Peter Schaffer (excuse spelling of surname, literary buffs),writes in some of his plays about people who have good intentions but do the wrong things believing themselves to be right about them (excuse the sweeping generality, but you get the general drift)
A human condition for some it would seem. Not a good place to be, methinks ?
I am not judging the war or indeed the necessity for or against it, but I am considering the beliefs that are prevelant about it. More philosophical views, really.

Tuesday 12 January 2010


I thought and believed seriously aged six, that people should take exams before they had children. I believe parenting classes now exist. Whether there is a bench mark of ability before children can be safely allowed to certain parents is a bizarre notion but one wonders in the light of the abuses and also the deficiencies some children lack in their sometimes brief lives. Lack of LOVE being the biggest crime of all whether there could be an even greater overseeing of the future generations wellbeing in the nurturing years
Thanks for the response. I've thought a little further and I agree, people do need to take responsibility for themselves. However if the 'hardwiring is not put in place as little children by care and interest and of course the occasional 'telling off'' etc. How can people learn values.
I was truly horrified at the latest batch of inhuman injuries done to defenseless children.Again, I must have picked up the stream of consciousness from the cosmos! (joke)
How? why? what for?Surely if a person truly can not cope with their situation be it parenthood or whatever. For goodness sake get the children fostered. Why batter, starve murder etc etc. If a person feels uncontrollable emotions GET HELP surely.
But perhaps emotional awareness comes from insight and a sense of balance within, in the first place. If that is missing or was never there in the first place .A person wouldn't know if they were off the wall or not.To monitor oneself is indicative of some sort of personal boundaries. If these are broken say through abuse, either emotional or physical in childhood then having a child and a responsibility, and not restraining the tongue for starters, and then physical strength secondarily and more importantly the crux if the matter being the underlying emotions,there is a disaster waiting to happen.
I read somewhere that emotional abuse is one of the worst things as it is undetectable, that is until sometime later on. The perpetrator feels powerful and controlling and these feelings are apparently addictive. In other words the perpetrator 'gets off ' on it.How ghastly not to know that the cycle of behaviour is abnormal. Poor kids struggling in homes where this is happening.Thank goodness for Childline.Does it get enough financial support?I can only hope so.Goodness this is a dark and sad subject.