Friday 30 July 2010

Additional protection for my name and values

Hey I've just spent time trying to inform:
and Google about something that has been written NOT BY ME which has appeared on Google with my name beside it. This is dreadful. I have followed somebody for the the first time in my life. It is a good thing to do. It is fun and nice. I followed another blogspot blog of a fabulous designer.... loved the work, seriously. My comments to the artist were encouraging on his blog I hoped, and equally I was so impressed. However...but there appears on Google, a load of abusive garbage which honestly I could not believe my eyes. I have complained and I have twittered twitter@claredeniz and I hope that the artist/designer blogger will know how I truly feel about his work. Because I am confident that my single handed campaign against the abuse will prevail. What do you think? I'm not a pollyanna Miss Nicey nice but equally I have something which I have been wisely informed is not common, and that is common sense (there is not much about,,apparently really) It is a gift and if you also have a mind/brain and sensibilities together they are priceless /invaluable equipment for life.Therefore knowing as I do the processes of being creative and the inner 'sturm und drang' of the process ( invisible to the world, after all, it is what we produce that is important) I am the last person to abuse someones work. I know about these things. the guy sees beauty like really lovely things and the photos are evidence.As he sees I said to him, so I hear.I hear what people normally do not hear, he sees what people do not see, even though the things are before their eyes. Even if people are at the same place, they do not hear what I hear. Only other equally trained musicians. In his case only other designers. but his photos are saying can you see this? Do you get it?A bunch of faithfuls have said Yeah we do. I'm one of those. So get my name off that garbage the guy Andrew Lim is great. As I said, Ho Silver!!
Well Chapter 2 is about to be revealed. Street language translation? I am a tiny bit better informed than I was this time yesterday.
N.B. Sick means unbelievably incredibly wonderful.Hence the description made by another blogger of the work of Andrew Lim as being of that quality. Herumm! followed by a polite cough and a change of subject.
Anyway this blog and several tweets gave me a chance to say and express the core of my beliefs and I hope that you faithful followers will generously grant me a bit of slack and say "Fine whatever".